I did my duty; now it’s your turn

30 Oct

I got a postcard in the mail yesterday which made me exceedingly happy.  What did it say, you ask?  Well, since you asked…  It was a card informing me that I did not have to wait until November 3 to vote!  So I left early for work yesterday and stopped by the Doublewood Inn to cast my votes.  Because I don’t enjoy political arguments and/or debates, I won’t brag about who I voted for (and against).  People who know me well probably know how I voted anyway.

But I will say this.  This could conceivably be one of the most important elections in US history, and I am appalled by how many people are simply not going to vote.  It is the right and the privilege of US citizens to cast their ballots on election day, and I am ashamed that so many people in our country don’t seem to care what happens.  Whatever your opinion about where the country needs to go, if you want to make it happen, you need to vote.  And if you don’t, then I don’t want to hear you bitch about it on Wednesday November 4th when someone you don’t like wins.  Nor do I want to hear you bitch about it two years from now when you decide that you don’t like the person who has been elected president. 

To those people who say “well I don’t know what any of these candidates stand for, so I’m just not going to vote”, well – go out and learn what they stand for!!  That’s what the internet is for! 

And my favorite yet, “they’re all just a bunch of liars anyway and they never do what they promise they will do, so why should I vote for any of them?”  To some extent that may be true.  Politicians often make promises they can’t or won’t keep.  But sometimes they do keep their promises, and sometimes they are not promises you will appreciate.  I think it’s sort of  like parking on campus.  The University says that if you park in a lot on campus without a permit, you will get a ticket.  Now everyone knows that you can sometimes get away with it and not get a ticket, because the parking police can’t be everywhere all the time.  Some of the time, they will catch you parking where you don’t belong, and you will get a ticket.  Would you rather risk the $15, or would you rather park somewhere you know you will never get a ticket? 

Anyway, that’s my thought on the matter.  After all, this is the world we created.  And whether we want it to change or stay the same, it is our responsibility to make it what we want it to be.


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2 responses to “I did my duty; now it’s your turn

  1. nancy k

    October 31, 2008 at 2:54 am

    i took seanner with me last thursday when i voted.

    it was awesome!!!

  2. Joy S.

    October 31, 2008 at 5:01 am

    Word, sista!


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