Lead Me Not into Temptation…

26 Feb

My husband informed me a couple of days ago that one of our coworkers has acquired a litter of samoyed mix puppies from an irresponsible neighbor who apparently was not even aware that the dog had puppies until a week ago (and the puppies are already old enough to leave their mother). Even worse, this neighbor was going to shoot the puppies!! Some people really disgust me. And to add to it all, the “owners” want to sell the mother for breeding because she has papers. Isn’t it nice when people treat their pets like commodities?

Anyway, I couldn’t believe that Ian would tell me about it, because obviously my immediately desire is to take them all. Then once I saw the pictures, I completely fell in love with them – I really really want one. It sounds like there has been a lot of interest in the puppies, though, so hopefully they will go to new homes before my resistance wears down…

I have been wanting to get another tattoo for quite a while now, and yesterday Ian finally said that I could get it done. But then when I told him I wanted a puppy he said I could only have one – puppy or tattoo. Now I ask you, what kind of a choice is that? They’re not even related! You can’t cuddle a tattoo when you’re having a bad day, but then again, a tattoo will never poop on your floor and doesn’t have to be fed or taken to the vet. Also, there will be plenty other puppies in need of homes later when we have more time to enjoy it, right? At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

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One response to “Lead Me Not into Temptation…

  1. nancy k

    February 28, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    get a tattoo…a paw print! ;P


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