Herding cats…

21 Mar

It has been a long time since my last post. Not long after I posted that one, I said to myself “Oh, I should probably post a new blog today”, but I have not posted one yet. The more time that passes between blogs, the more difficult it is to wrangle my thoughts together; as the subject line suggests, it’s rather like herding cats. Rather than trying to put together a thoughtful narrative, I think I will follow the lead of many of my facebook friends and post a list of random things. You won’t get 25, though; I’m not that interesting. The easy way out, perhaps, but sometimes that it truly the best way for me.

1) I joined Twitter today and I still haven’t quite figured out what to do with it. It seems rather like facebook without any of the time-wasting apps. Could be pointless, could be brilliant. We will see.

2) I learned how to neuter a cat on Thursday. That is to say, on Thursday I neutered a cat; I imagine it works pretty much the same on Tuesday, Wednesday, or any other day. πŸ™‚ Sometimes it pays to volunteer for extra surgeries over spring break.

3) I just found out that almost 200 people have downloaded a ringtone I made for myself last April. (a) I didn’t even know they could do that, (b) that totally puffs up my ego, and (c) that makes it even more pathetic that I could never figure out how to get the ringtone to work on my own phone.

4) My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend, sans children, as part of our Christmas gift from my parents. My mom was really worried that it would be a really lame present, but I think it is the awesomest Christmas present ever devised.

5) I really miss playing Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Karaoke Revolution, but it seems like I don’t have time to sit down and play when there are other people to play with me, and I feel like a dork playing by myself.

6) Did I mention that I learned how to neuter a cat?

7) Learned a couple days ago that one of my classmates will be doing her internship at the zoo in the same city where I am going to do my internship this summer. So I will not be all alone in a new city!!! I am soooooo excited about this, I actually clapped my hands and jumped up and down like a little girl. πŸ™‚

8.) We finally got a WiiFit, and I have learned decisively that I am not – fit, that is. Not that I really thought I was, but it was painfully demonstrated to me the moment I set up my profile and my little Mii inflated to roughly the shape of a bowling ball with little arms and legs sticking out of it. Still, it might possibly be the best workout scheme ever invented. Our kids actually beg us to let them exercise.

9) Friday morning, while Ian and my dad were watching the Bison ALMOST beat Kansas (go Bison!), I went the the spa and had a massage and pedicure. It’s one of those things that I do so rarely, I forget how much I really love it. I was so relaxed after the massage that for a moment I wondered whether I would actually be able to walk to the pedicure room at all. πŸ™‚

10) Have I mentioned that ee did rescue that Samoyed after all? In keeping with the Twin Cities-related name theme, we changed her name to Brooklyn, which she immediately recognized as a word that means “treat”, and almost always responds to it. She’s really sweet, but as we expected given that she has lived outside for most of her life, she has some issues. I vaccinated her at school, and did a complete physical exam, during which I discovered that she had tapeworms. Yay. So we treated her for that, and once that was cleared up she suddenly discovered that she is always hungry. ALWAYS. She licks or chews on anything and everything, including Ian’s toes. She even chewed up her leather leash and ate the chunks (which she then so kindly regurgitated onto our bedroom carpet later that evening). She also has some issues with treat aggression – if she has a toy or a treat and one of the other dogs dares to walk by or lay down too close, she growls at them. Not cool – we are working on that one; other than that, she gets along great with the big pups. Lord Dormir doesn’t care much about her, but Sir Oliver hates her. A little strange, since he doesn’t have a problem with our two dogs, but he is a cat, so who knows what he’s thinking. We hope to get her spayed in the next few weeks, and then begins the ultimate struggle – do we adopt her out, as we had planned, or keep her? I’m sure you all know what I would choose, but that’s why I have my husband to keep me in line and help me make the right decision.

11) I learned that Steven Page is leaving Barenaked Ladies. I just don’t know what to think about that. I love Ed and the other guys, too, but part of what made their shows so fun was the way that Steven and Ed played off each other. Obviously it won’t be the same without Steven, but the real question for me is will I still enjoy it?

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One response to “Herding cats…

  1. nancy k

    March 21, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    ummm….yah…you named your dog the same name as my daughter.


    happy anniversary! πŸ™‚


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