Flood/Family Update

29 Mar

Just a short note to those who are keeping up – thanks for all your notes of concern and wishes of luck. Our home is still (relatively) dry, and out of the flood danger zone. We are mostly just worried about sewer backup or loss of power/water services in case the dike breaks. We have packed bags for ourselves and the animals in case we have to evacuate suddenly (though I doubt that will be necessary). School has been canceled again this week for the kids and myself, so we are hoping to get out and do more sandbagging or volunteering if we can.

In the meantime, I just wanted to let everyone on Facebook and MySpace know I’m not ignoring your notes and messages – I still receive email notifications from Facebook when I get comments and messages, but I can’t reply because I can only log into facebook when I am at school.

If you want to leave me comments and get direct replies, you can reach me through Twitter (, which is how I am able to keep my status updated, or here on my blog (btw – did you know that anyone can comment on this blog? You don’t need to have a WordPress account).

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