The end…?

12 May

Things in Robinson Hall that I will always remember with a smile:

  1. The people (yes all of them)
  2. The animals (yes all of them – even Jack) – especially Celeborn, Dunlop, Barnegat (RIP), Roxy (RIP), Tobiano, and all the students’ and instructors’ dogs
  3. Celeborn’s make-out pillow
  4. Dunlop laying on the floor with his legs stuck out behind him
  5. Going to the gym with Amy
  6. Doc’s candy dish
  7. Lindsey suddenly breaking into dance
  8. Katie, Whitney, and others suddenly breaking into song
  9. The phony names on Dr. Tom’s exam keys
  10. “Blepharotwitchy”
  11. Big dog restraint day
  12. Morning coffee at the Wellness Center
  13. Afternoon coffee at the Wellness Center 🙂
  14. Barbados
  15. Ready access to friendly animals who want to cuddle
  16. Everything else (except what I won’t miss – see below)

Things in Robinson Hall I will not miss:

  1. The beagles’ fecal artwork
  2. Being bitten by Jack
  3. Large animal PE’s
  4. The unique aroma of beagle poop as I walk past the dog ward in the winter
  5. Check marks
  6. Frowny faces
  7. Crazy cats who bite without warning
  8. Kopertox
  9. Scooping 75 litterboxes
  10. Getting up early on an exam day after working late the night before
  11. Froamering the hall
  12. Clinic Care in the Wellness Clinic
  13. Being TOC when the board is so full it overflows to the bathroom door, and the weather is so nice that everyone and their cousins want to walk beagles, but the only harness we have is too small for the beagles who are up next
  14. ATLS
  15. The smell when something is being cremated at the d-lab next door
  16. Fecal floats
  17. Coming back from the barn smelling like poop (noticing a pattern here?)
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