Things I Haven’t Done

27 Jun

I came to Indianapolis full of hope that I would learn a lot, a feeling of adventure, and grandiose plans for my free time while I am here. I have learned a ton, and made lots of new friends (at least I think of them as friends – hopefully they aren’t just being nice while secretly counting down the days until I leave).

But as far as all my grandiose plans, I have only done about 10% of the things I intended to do while here. I have only opened up my chemistry book once, and I couldn’t concentrate on it, so I didn’t really learn anything. I have a stack of about 10 books that I haven’t even started reading yet. And I brought all my Vet Tech textbooks with me for reference and so I could study when I had time, but the only time I picked them up off the shelf was when I was telling Sarah how many of the books we use were written by my instructors (I still think that’s pretty awesome). Oh yeah, and when we had to look up some information on pasteurella.

I have done some prety cool things in the last couple of weeks, though.  I helped a goose who had an arrow in his neck for at least 2-3 days.  The vet removed the arrow and we bandaged it up and sent him to a rehabber who works with lots of geese.  He came back yesterday to have the bandage changed, and he is healing very well!  I have decided that he is going to be my second case study.

I went to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center with Raina for a special evening tour that they do only twice a year.  It just so happened that I learned of it at an event the week before, and it just so happened that I was able to go.  It was amazing!  I love big cats.  I was in awe for most of the trip, as we followed the paths through the facility we were often only feet away from the animals.  The only ones I didn’t get to see were the elusive Servals, who prefer the dark and were hiding in their little kitty huts, and the lynx, who was hiding in his enclosure full of big leafy bushes and trees with low-hanging branches.  I would love to be able to work with these guys, but seeing all the cats at the facility really opened my eyes to how irresponsible people can be.  There were more tigers at the facility than any other cat; possibly more than half of them were tigers.  Yes, they are beautiful magestic creatures, and they can seem a lot like our own domestic cats.  But these guys are not pet material; it takes a very special person to be able to give a tiger/lion/cougar/etc. the attention, enrichment, and environment that it needs to be healthy and happy.  Most of the people who get them seem to be people with more money than sense.  Some of the stories of how the cats came to be in the rescue center were downright horrifying.  So, as much as you would love to hug a tiger, please please please please please do not rush out and buy one. 

I went to the zoo with Raina again on Sunday, and we got to see one of the elephants take a bath.  Well, they called it a bath but it was really more like a shower.  It was really cute.  When we went by the elephants’ habitat later, the baby elephant was having a swim in the water, which was even cuter.  We also got to watch the dolphin show again, but this time from the glass dome UNDER the dolphin tank.  That was REALLY cool.  If you ever find yourself in the Indianapolis zoo, be sure to go see the earliest dolphin show you can, and go back to watch the second one from under the pool.

I also have applied for a job at a clinic in Grand Forks.  The commute is not that appealing, but the clinic sounds great.  They have a very state-of-the-art facility, which is cool, but what I like the most is that they work with dogs, cats, and exotics.  I have enjoyed working with the exotics here in Indy, but I do kind of miss working with dogs and cats.  A perfect practice for me would be equal parts of all three, but I will take whatever I can get.  The vet and I have been trying to coordinate a time for a telephone interview, but so far haven’t been able to squeeze it in.  If it doesn’t happen today or tomorrow, then it probably won’t happen until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.  In the meantime, I have found myself obsessively checking my email and looking at my phone, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  It’s like waiting for the guy to call after a really nice date – the whole time you are wondering if he liked you as much as you liked him, and starting to wonder if he had a good time too, or if you were imagining things…

Just a little over a week until I am home again!  I can’t wait to hug my family, pet my dogs and cats, and sleep in my own soft, squishy bed again! I am counting down the hours.  (176)


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