Too Little, Too Late?

15 Aug

It occurs to me that I have not written a blog in nearly two months. I say this as if it’s a recent observation; actually I have known for quite a while that I needed to get off my keester and write something, but just haven’t had the motivation. I even started composing a blog using the memo function on my cell phone, and never got around to typing it up. Alas, now it has been so long that what I had started writing would no longer be relevant. 😦

I returned to Fargo from Indiana on the 4th of July. Though I was very glad to be home, I was sad to leave all my new friends. I managed to quickly secure a job at a clinic an hour from home, and started working there on the 13th of July.   I enjoy it, but I actually miss NDSU and Indiana a lot.  I felt comfortable and at-home there.  Though I enjoy my job most of the time, it still feels temporary.

When I was working at the exotics clinic, I missed working with dogs and cats.  Now I miss working with rabbits, ferrets, and yes, even birds.  Since I started at the clinic, I have seen one ferret, three birds (two of them were together), and one gecko.  I was also stood up by a bearded dragon – I had actually been looking forward to that appointment for days.  And we had a rabbit brought in for a neuter, but I didn’t even get to work with that patient because one of the other techs had already started prepping him for the surgery.  *Sigh* 

It would be nice if we had more clients bringing their exotics into the vet, but it just doesn’t seem like something people do in this area.  If I didn’t have to drive so far to and from work every day, I might have time to volunteer at the zoo or go hang out with Dunlop and the other critters at school.  Alas, I don’t get home until 6:30 or 7:00 most nights and am just too tired to do anything.  I spend most of my weekend recovering from the previous week and trying to psych myself up to go to work on Monday.  On top of everything else, I have to fill up my gas tank 2-3 times a week, so the commute is not cheap.

There is a clinic here in Fargo where I really hoped I could work; in fact I had applied there before I got my current job, but the manager there told me they probably won’t be hiring until fall.  I hope that “fall” means “September” and not “November”.

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