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26 Sep

Another month has passed before I wrote a blog, so here I am.  I am at the library for my regular weekly bibliodate with my kids, wherein they generally spend an hour and a half on the internet watching silly videos of cats chasing dogs, or playing pointless computer games (about which they will spend the following week boring [oops – I meant entertaining] me with stories of their accomplishments), before their allotted time expires and they finally go and check out some books, which once upon a time would have been the attraction of coming to the library in the first place.  [*Deep breath* I think that might be the longest sentence I have ever written; I bet Ian is cringing from all the commas I used] Now don’t get me wrong- my kids love books, especially Adele who reads so voraciously that she might have blown through the entire children’s collection by the end of this year, but the new boob tube holds a certain fascination for them that even a good book cannot match.  Give them 3 years and they will be addicted to Twitter and Facebook, just like their mother.  Several months ago I set my internet homepage to, hoping that this would encourage me to write more often instead of immediately jumping onto Facebook and Twitter.  You can see how well that worked out for me – though it does at least spark a little twinge of guilt every time I log in and then skip to another website instead of blogging. 

But today I decided to write a blog, dammit, even if it was the only thing I got to do at the library today.  Which of course means you are all subject to the stream-of-consciousness ramblings which are bound to occur when I do something like this.  I have never been much of an outline writer.  Even when required to write outlines for school assignments, I often wrote the paper first and then summarized it in outline form after I was finished.  It’s probably a good thing I never pursued that English degree – I doubt I would have made it very far in a college English program with those tactics. 

I’ve been working at the clinic in Grand Forks for about two and a half months now.  It is going well.  Lately it seems like we have been seeing more exotics patients – at least 2-3 a week – which is good for me, because it is something I can do with very little criticism for anyone else.  This week we saw a bearded dragon, a bird, and a rabbit.  The rabbit, named Charlie, came in early in the week because the owner thought he has parasites.  Turns out Charlie lives in a hutch outside during the summer and in a hutch in the heated garage during the winter – a less than ideal living situation to be sure, but the owner seemed to be very fond of the rabbit nonetheless.  He said Charlie used to follow him all over the yard when they were outside together, and would actually come when called, which is adorable.  Charlie did not have worms, however.  He had what we believe to be a severe case of urine burns all over his rear end, which had been infested with maggots because he lived outside and there was nothing to stop them from getting at him.  The owner didn’t notice the damaged tissue because the rabbit is so extremely fuzzy, but he certainly noticed when he picked Charlie up and a couple of maggots fell off of his back end.  So he cleaned Charlie up, got all the maggots off, and brought him in to us to see what we could do.  Of course we told him the first thing that needed to be done for Charlie was to keep him in the house – no more outdoor living for this guy.  The owner and his family decided that they just couldn’t have an indoor rabbit, and didn’t think that being outside or in the garage would be a good idea either, so they opted to have him euthanized.  Our vet, though, bless him, convinced the guy to surrender Charlie to us instead so we could nurse him back to health and then find him a new home.  He’s such an incredibly sweet rabbit, but with his health issues, and the fact that he’s 7 years old, I’m not sure whether I will be able to find him a home; all the people I know who could might be able to take him live in Indianapolis.  Oh yeah, and Charlie’s not neutered either.  and with all the trauma of what’s happened to him, he had also stopped eating and is now suffering from GI stasis.  So for the last week, I have been syringe-feeding him, cleaning up his skin and applying ointment twice a day, giving him antibiotics, and completely becoming attached to him.  Yesterday I was so excited to see him eating some of his veggies all on his own when I went to syringe-feed him.  He still is nowhere near 100% yet – he isn’t passing normal pellets yet, but he is at least passing some pellets now, which is an improvement.  And his skin is healing as well.  We are hoping next week he will be healthy enough to be neutered, and then we will need to find him a permanent home.  I wish it could be mine, but I’m reasonable enough to know that my house is not a good one for him.  We don’t have the space to set up a large enough enclosure for him which would be cat-proof and dog-proof.  And I also know that at least one of our cats and one of our dogs would be constantly harassing him.  So what do I do?  I think a bunny sanctuary is the best place for him to be, but the only one I know is in Indianapolis, and that is such a very long drive from here.

I am also beginning to stress about the work situation.  Winter is approaching faster than I care to admit, and I don’t know if I can handle commuting to Grand Forks every day in the winter.  I had a really good interview in town 3 weeks ago, but haven’t heard much from them since.  The interview was on a Tuesday, and they supposedly were going to let me know by Friday that week, but then some things happened that delayed the decision making, and it’s a new position so they are still trying to work out the details.  Maybe I wouldn’t be so stressed out about it if I could just speak to someone over there, but the only time I have to call them is before work, after work, and on lunch, which are all times when the person I need to talk to is not in the office.  And I have still not heard from the clinic in Fargo where I applied in July – they are still remodeling their clinic so I don’t expect to hear from them until after the remodel is finished.  But I am starting to worry about winter, and the longer it takes to hear from anyone, the closer I get to considering a job at McDonald’s just so I don’t have to commute all winter long.

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