01 Nov

I have recently been introduced to the term “microblogging”.  This is something that I have been doing for months without even realizing it, but now that I have a name for it, I realize it should not be a substitute for macroblogging.  I read the word microblogging in a web article analyzing the use of Twitter and other similar sites.  I suppose to some degree, that is what I’m doing.  Now that I am back in Fargo with my family and commuting for work, etc. I don’t have time to sit down and write a “real” blog as often as I used to.  Instead, I use Twitter (and by extension, Facebook) to stay connected with my friends and family by texting blogs of 140 characters several times a day.  Some days I will admit it can get a little out of control, but lately I haven hardly even had time to microblog more than once or twice a day.  No, I take that back.  I have probably had time, but I am so exhausted from everything else I’m doing that I haven’t had the motivation to find the time.  Sometimes I will observe something amusing while driving to work, but by the time I get there, I will have forgotten what it was.  Perhaps what I really need to do is schedule blogging into my calendar.

So here is your update on my life of late, in case you don’t read my regular updates on Twitter and/or Facebook.  I am still commuting to a vet clinic in Grand Forks every day, which is putting major wear-and-tear on me as well as my vehicle.  Ian is working two jobs to help make up for the money I am stuffing into my gas tank several times a week while I drive to work every day.  Between his two jobs (with sleeping required in between), and the 12 hours I spend away from home each day for my job, I get to see him for about 45 minutes each day, if I am lucky.  Some days he’s asleep when I come home and doesn’t wake up until it’s time for him to take a shower and go to work.  And I usually don’t get to see him in the morning before I leave. 

I am looking for work in town, but there are simply not enough positions available for all the recently graduated Vet Techs out there who are looking for work.  I submitted two more resumes today to clinics which have not actually advertised for techs, but happen to be the only two in the area which also work with exotic critters in addition to the usual dogs and cats.  I heard a rumor that one of them might be hiring, but I don’t know if I will hear from them or not.  I had applied at another clinic at the beginning of September, but they apparently believe in taking their time when it comes to hiring.  They have been collecting resumes for the last month and a half, and will finally be scheduling brief, informal interviews for the 2nd & 3rd weeks of November.  I have no idea when they are actually looking for someone to start working, but with a timeline like that, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be until January.  After the informal interviews I would expect formal interviews, then a period of deliberation over all the candidates, perhaps even second interviews squashed in there somewhere.  It’s very depressing.   So I am now even looking for work that is not strictly related to my chosen career (in other words, not in a Vet Clinic).

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