Long overdue things

09 Jan

Forgive me readers, for I have procrastinated.  It has been 2 months since my last blog.  I’ve noticed an average of 1-3 hits on my blog once a week; I suppose this is a sign that someone out there still has faith that I will post something new eventually, so I really should oblige.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may already know most of what’s going on with me – it’s amazing how many bits of news you can condense into 140 characters or less.  But I know there are still some who don’t follow along with their friends and family’s microblogging activity as voraciously as I do, so I really ought to be more considerate of those folks and post something more substantial now and then.

Sooooo… what’s happened to me since November?  I finally completed that very last college course I had been putting off since I went back to school – Chemistry.  I had hoped to test out of it at the end of this summer, but missed by 3 points (1 question!) and had to delay graduation to take the class in the fall.  Since I was commuting to Grand Forks every day, my only option was to find an online course, which I eventually found at Lake Region State College (Devil’s Lake ND).  I am so glad I found this class – I only wish I had located it last year.  Still, I finished the class with an A, better than I had ever expected.  As a Christmas & birthday present, I got myself a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology.  Normally, I’m not a fan of the Christmas/birthday present combo but I think a gift of this magnitude is worthy of an exception.  For years I was a college drop-out who had no idea what she wanted to do with her life.  Now at the age of 34, I am finally a college graduate, a Veterinary Technician.  It’s not possible for me to express in writing how blissfully happy this makes me. 

In July I started working as a Vet Tech at a clinic in Grand Forks, driving back and forth every day from Fargo.  It took a while to get myself oriented there and to find my comfort zone, but I finally did, just in time to find a job in my home town.  My last day at the clinic was Friday (yesterday); though I am sad to leave everyone there and to leave the career I worked so hard to reach, I know I made the right choice.

On Tuesday I’ll start working as a bather at a pet grooming facility in Moorhead.  No, it’s not the job I went to school to learn, but I am ready to have a job at home so I can spend more time with my family (and maybe get a full 8 hours of sleep each night!).  I think the job will be fun, too, because I already know one of the groomers who works there (we worked together at the document processing place where I worked until I started at the clinic in July), and the owner is really nice.  I am really looking forward to my first day on Tuesday!  

Later this week, I will be going to Bismarck to take the Veterinary Technician licensing exam (VTNE) – the only obstacle (apart from my current lack of employment in a vet clinic) that stands between me now and me as an official Vet Tech.

Xerxes, our Bernese Mountain Dog, had his 9th birthday this December.  This has been kind of hard on me – there’s an old saying (I think it’s Swiss): “Three years a young dog, three years a good dog, three years an old dog, all else is a gift from God.” That kind of sums it up – big dogs like Xerxes don’t usually live much longer than 9 years.  Sometimes he’s sleeping so soundly that I worry he’s left me.  Of course, just like when my children were babies, I always find that I was simply being paranoid.  Most of the time he still acts like he’s a puppy, but his body doesn’t agree.  In the last year, he has started to show signs that he is losing control over his back legs.  He often stumbles and slips when going up stairs or when turning corners, especially on smooth surfaces like our wood floors.  Radiographs are not conclusive, but pain meds have not improved anything for him so we suspect that he simply isn’t able to move like he used to, probably due to loss of movement in his spine near the pelvis.  I’m trying not to let it get me down – he doesn’t seem to mind, so why should I, right?

While we were in Iowa visiting Ian’s grandparents over Christmas, we learned of a breeder in SE Iowa who had Bernese puppies that would be available in January.  Coming so soon after Xerxes birthday and the recent decline in his health, I couldn’t resist.  I can’t imagine life without a Bernese Mountain Dog in it, so we decided to go ahead and get a puppy, even though the idea of having three big dogs in the house is probably just a little bit insane.  I’m very excited for this new boy to join us though! We will be going to pick him up the first weekend of February.

That’s about all for now I think.  I know I always say I’ll try not to wait so long before writing again, but this time I mean it, honest!  But I’m not making any promises, just in case.

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