Back to School, Part One

29 Sep

Today my daughter has guilted me into participating in a special event at her middle school which is called “Parents Replace Your Child Day”, though I prefer to think of it as “Educators Torment Parents by Reminding Them What Latent Anxieties They Still Harbor from Their Youth Day”.

My day actually began yesterday at about 2 pm, when I suddenly realized that OH MY GOD I was going to be in middle school in less than 24 hours. Since I graduated from high school almost 20 years ago, I have continued to have recurring nightmares about school. The most common is probably the one where I get to school and realize I forgot my schedule and have no idea which class I’m supposed to be attending. Or I get lost. Or go to a class and realize I completely forgot to go to a different class. Or I forget my locker combination and can’t get any of my books.

I could go on for quite a while on this subject, but I once read somewhere that a good blog should be brief but also informative and to the point. I think you all understand the point I’m trying to make here. While I am reliving the not-so glorious days of my 6th grade experience, my daughter will be going to work with Ian, who I believe is relishing this torture even more than the evil geniuses who thought devised it. Rest assured I will be documenting my experience for posterity, in the event that I do not make it out alive. If you haven’t heard from me by tomorrow, send out a search party, and don’t forget to look inside all the lockers.


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