Maybe it wasn’t that bad

19 Feb

I went to the Y again last night with my mom and daughter; we had the intention of using the climbing wall but as it turns out, the wall had just closed. Phooey.

Instead of shuffling out of the Y in disappointment, we decided to go ahead and work out anyway. After stuffing our things into a couple of lockers, we decided to do the treadmill thing. On our way into the gym I saw that Voldemort was working at the desk that day so I pointed him out to Mom as we went past. About 5-10 minutes into my workout I realized that without a coach, my workout was lackluster and unfocused, and probably didn’t do me a whole lot more good than staying home and doing WiiFit. I actually contemplated asking Voldemort if he could coach me anyway, even though he wasn’t actually scheduled for that. But my shyness won out over my motivation and I stayed on my treadmill, plodding along at a feeble 19:21 per mile. I did try throwing in a few intervals of running, but probably only ran about 5 minutes total.

It was then I realized I had assigned my coach the wrong name. Voldemort was all wrong because honestly, Voldemort wouldn’t have bothered with torturing me; he would’ve gone straight to Avada Kedavra. No, a better name for my coach would be Severus Snape*.

As we left the gym after my rather pathetic excuse for an exercise, Coach Snape looked up from the desk as we passed and said “Hey Kari, how are you today?” I responded “Well, I’m still walking.” But what I didn’t say is that I was actually looking forward to Monday’s more organized torture session.
**SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t know who Snape is, you can click this link. Also, if you don’t know who Snape is…seriously? How are we even friends? He’s a character from Harry Potter, people.

ADDITIONAL SPOILER ALERT: The reason I decided Snape is more appropriate is not because the coach wears a permanent frown behind a curtain of greasy black hair (his hair is actually very short and sandy-brown like mine, and probably regularly washed; he also smiles rather a lot of the time.) No, Snape’s defining characteristic, which you don’t learn until almost the very end of the series, is that even though he spends most of the seven years saying cruel things to Harry and tormenting him in various ways, the whole time he is doing it he is also trying to keep Harry alive! Even while torturing Harry, he is trying to help make him stronger.  Although I hope Coach Snape is not secretly in love with my mother because that would be really really awkward. Despite the fact that she is already married to my Dad, Snape is waaaay too young for my mom. (Sorry Mom)

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