This is not a workout story

24 Feb

I was going to write today about my further adventures with Coach Snape, but I can’t because my notes from my last session were on my cell phone. And I forgot my cell phone at home. I feel completely incomplete without it. I can’t even tell you how many times I have reached for my phone today, only to find it wasn’t there. For example, when I said to myself “Hey! Self! Quit zoning out and write a blog about your latest adventures in gym class!”, and then spent about 5 minutes looking for the phone only to realize it wasn’t on my desk. So then I called my phone, thinking I could just follow the sound and dig it out of its hiding place in my purse. But then when I called the phone, Ian answered. Ian, who is at home, while I am not.

I know what you’re thinking – So what if you forgot your cell phone at home, Kari? Can’t you just write what you remember?

HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. Seriously? Obviously, you do not know me very well if you think I can remember what happened to me on Monday. I know it’s only 4 days ago, but that’s like 28 Kari-days. Can you remember exactly what you did at the gym 28 days ago? I didn’t think so. So quit judging.

Anyway the point is, I don’t have a witty story of my recent public torture session to share with you today, but that’s ok. I am working on A Project. Earlier this week, Ian gave me a fantabulous idea that has launched me into action. I have been furiously creative all week and just can’t stop. I can’t wait to share the results with you all, but it’s not ready yet. Soon, I hope.

In the meantime, try not to die of suspense while waiting for the story of how Coach Snape found another medieval torture device for me, and then made me run so hard I killed the treadmill.


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