What I’ve been doing

27 Feb

Remember last week when I was going to write a blog about exercising but I couldn’t because I forgot my phone at home and so instead I told you that I was working on a fun new Project? The Project started a while ago when I started writing silly conversations with my pets and posting them on Facebook. People kept saying “you need to write a book” and things like that, to which I always smiled and shook my head. Flattering as that is, I don’t know if I’m really book-writing material. Earlier this year I decided that a blog was not beyond my means, so I started this blog so I could post the conversations for everyone to read, even if they are not my friends on Facebook. It has been slightly more popular than this blog here, which is generally only read by a handful of people. The other blog usually gets more hits in a day than this blog gets in a week. Last week, Ian suggested since I have suddenly felt artistic again, I should think about making cartoons of these conversations. So… I made this. I’m pretty happy with it. So happy, in fact, that I have already started the next one. But since it took me almost two weeks to create the characters and all weekend long to put together the first comic, I have no idea how often I will be able to create these little guys. I hope to motivate myself enough to finish one every week or two. If I can just choke out two a month, I think I will be doing pretty well. We’ll see how it goes.
UPDATE: As it turns out, it didn’t take me long at all to do the second one. You can see it here if you wish. I wonder how long the third one will take?

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