The continuing adventures of an out-of-shape midwesterner

28 Feb

Okay, so I have been remiss in completing the stories of my latest adventures in gym class. I don’t really know if any of you actually care, but if I know I have to write about it then I think I might be more likely to go. Also it’s kind of a fun way to get my revenge on young Coach Snape after he forces me to do healthy things for an hour or more. Last time he made me run until I broke the treadmill. And then he made me run some more, and even faster than before I broke it. But then he told me I was really making good progress and I felt so proud of myself I forgave him. True story.

Truthfully, I must admit I haven’t really been keeping track anymore, but I think I am completely getting more comfortable with the exercises. Coach Snape has been off for a while because he had to go out of town for a family wedding or something, so I’ve been on my own at the gym recently. Normally this would mean I just don’t go. But last week my mom went along with me, so I had someone else there to make sure I didn’t just loiter in the locker room for 45 minutes, take a shower, and go home. It wasn’t too terrible actually. Having Mom there kept me motivated, even though it still wasn’t exactly enjoyable.

However, I did make a rather exciting discovery. If I flex my arms, you can actually see my biceps! I have somewhat visible muscle definition, people! Okay I still have flabby grandma wings, but they’re not as flabby as they used to be. This gives me hope.

Also, I have really been enjoying making cartoons for my other blog; I made two this weekend, and already have three more in my head waiting to escape. I hope they don’t get reabsorbed before I have a chance to get them out.

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