My Mom is Pretty Badass

22 Apr

This week I did something which I honestly never thought I would do: I bought an iPad. I really just wanted to get something which would make it easier for me to draw my little talking dog & cat cartoons. Ian convinced me that what I really needed was some kind of a tablet. I decided to ask Twitter for advice, because Twitter knows everything. I asked for advice on tablets & said don’t even think about suggesting an iPad because it’s WAY out of my budget. Twitter has never failed to give me helpful feedback regarding electronic devices and other geek-things of that nature. (One of the many reasons why I love Twitter).

And that’s when my cousin stepped up and said “Today is your lucky day!” Because he had an older iPad which he wanted to ditch so he could get a shiny new one with more ultra-fancy features. And I was like “Hell Yes!” because I don’t care about all those fancy new features and really just want something I can use to draw cartoons of my dogs and cats because drawing them in MS Paint with a mouse is so painstakingly slow it makes me want to slam my head repeatedly in a car door.

The only problem with buying my cousin’s iPad is that he lives in the Twin Cities, several hours from me. Now I was totally prepared to pay to ship it, but my Mom just happened to be going to the cities this week so she offered to pick it up & bring it back to me on Friday when they came home. Best. Mom. Ever.

So Friday afternoon I was at work and my mom sent me this text message:

Mom: Bring $1,000,000 in unmarked pennies or you’ll never see your iPad alive again.

Me: Do you have any idea how much 100 million pennies would weigh?

Mom: And we will mail you one iFinger every hour it’s late.

Five minutes later I received this message:

Mom: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hear that? It’s the sound of an iPad screaming.

Shortly after that:

Mom: iFinger attached.

Around that time they stopped by my office to drop off my beautiful, thankfully unharmed new toy. And it wasn’t until the next day that I saw Mom had sent me this gem of a text message:

Mom: How do you get iBlood stains out of carpet?

My mom is totally awesome.


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