My mother is still pretty badass

13 May

My mom is so awesome. I don’t say this only because she brought me into the world, though obviously that was a pretty tremendous achievement. I certainly wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it weren’t for her.

My mom is creative, generous, supportive, funny, and intelligent. She’s a college graduate, an Air Force brat, a quilter, a gardener, a writer, and an Emmy Award-winning television producer. And she’s a geek.

She likes comic books, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, science fiction, and super hero movies. She’s good at English, too; she always knows whether to use “your”, “you’re”, or “yore”. She also KNOWS stuff. Once at a family gathering, everyone else teamed up at Trivial Pursuit against just her. And she still won.

True story.

Related fact: It’s been a long time since anyone agreed to play Trivial Pursuit against my mom.

She’s afraid of heights but she started rock climbing this year. Why? Because I asked her to. She claimed it was because she was going to Uganda to film a documentary about tourism and mountain gorillas, and she didn’t want to be pushed up the mountain by a porter. But she went to Uganda in March, and she’s still going rock climbing with me. So either she’s doing it because she loves me or her role as my mom is actually just cover for her secret super identity.

Either way, my mom kicks some serious backside. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You’re my favorite Mom in the whole world. Other than myself. I love you!

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