What the devil is a Spurge’s Syndrome?

25 Jun

Yesterday Ian & I watched two shows that we had never seen before.

The first was The Newsroom. This is the new drama by Aaron Sorkin (of The West Wing and The Social Network fame). I’ve been told it got some bad press (pardon the pun), but I loved it. Mind you, I’m no TV critic, but I found it riveting. It was everything I loved about The West Wing when it first began. And it made me wish that news program was real. Imagine a news show that actually uncovers the news without trying to protect corporations or government, whether or not it supports their political agenda.

The second show was Doc Martin. This is a British show and has apparently been around for several years but we only just stumbled upon it. The show is a drama/comedy about a small-town doctor broadcast on Masterpiece Theater through our local PBS station. At first I found I was waiting for a mystery to be revealed, even though I knew it it wasn’t a murder mystery. I guess it’s just an ingrained response from watching so many British  Masterpiece Mysteries. Oops. Anyway, partway through the show I had a moment of confusion when a douchey, new-agey phychiatrist (whose name I’ve forgotten, so I’m just going to refer to him as “Dr Douche”) goes to see Doc Martin. I will paraphrase here for your enjoyment:

Dr Douche: I’m writing a paper about people with a Spurge’s Syndrome. Have you ever heard of a Spurge’s Syndrome?
Doc Martin: Of course I have. I’m a doctor, you complete imbecile.
My brain: You have? What the hell is A Spurge’s Syndrome? Should I know what that is?
Dr Douche:  You know, socially awkward but otherwise intelligent people.
Doc Martin: I already told you I know what that is you arrogant moron.
Dr Douche: Anyway, my paper is about whether people with a Spurge’s Syndrome can have normal careers.
Doc Martin: …
Dr Douche: I’d love to feature you in my paper.
Doc Martin: Get the hell out of my office.
My brain: *light bulb* OHHHHHHHHH. He meant ASPERGER’S syndrome. Duh.

The conversation made so much more sense after that light bulb switched on.


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