UPDATED: I’m not even supposed to BE here today

17 Jul

You know in that movie Clerks, where Dante agrees to go into work on his day off because he’s a total pushover who can’t say no to his boss? And all day long cruddy things happen to him and he keeps whining “I’m not even supposed to BE here today!”, as if that’s going to make it all go away?

That was me today. The full-time bather at my part-time job had to leave town because of a family emergency, so I agreed to go into work today and close the shop after I finished working at my full-time job, because I’m a sucker nice person who doesn’t like saying no to my boss, especially after I had to say no to her twice last week. Also I didn’t want my friend (who is the other bather) to have to work a 12-hr shift because I have been there before and it isn’t pretty. Anyway, I had to bring my daughter along because she was volunteering at the zoo that day & I didn’t have time to drop her off at home in between. Usually this is not a problem because she loves animals & is always happy to come to work with me.

Buuuut for some reason today it did not work out well. She somehow managed to spill water on the laptop. The laptop which is the one and only computer that we have in the shop, which serves as our time clock, the database for all of our clients’ grooming histories, and our cash register. I promptly unplugged the laptop and tried my best to dry it out but I knew it wasn’t going to work. Seriously it’s not like you can stick it in a cup of rice; it’s a freaking laptop. I am so screwed. I called my boss and gave her the bad news. She didn’t say much, which is how I could tell she was really mad because usually if someone makes a mistake she’ll just laugh it off. If she’s quiet, that’s how you know you’ve REALLY effed up. Obviously I offered to pay for the repairs (hoping against hope that it is actually repairable and doesn’t have to be completely replaced….). Also I told my daughter that when I said “I will pay for the repairs” what I meant was “my daughter will sacrifice her allowance indefinitely until she has earned enough to pay me back for the cost of the repairs.” Of course, I really can’t afford this right now because I just dropped a large chunk of money yesterday to pay off our auto loan. Yesterday I was totally psyched about paying off the loan. Today I am totally wishing I had not just done that because now whatever it costs to fix this mistake will be coming out of the savings I had set aside to pay for my airplane ticket to visit my friend in Colorado at the beginning of September.

And I wasn’t even supposed to BE here today.

While we were driving home, my daughter burst into tears because she felt so bad about what happened, and said something about how she feels like the worst person ever because she’s “always breaking stuff” and she feels like a huge failure. So there I was, on the verge of tears myself wondering how in the world I’m going to afford to pay back my boss for electrocuting her computer, at the same time comforting my daughter and telling her not to get so down on herself because it was a mistake and really it’s just stuff, but I bet she learned a valuable lesson today and will never have a container of liquid anywhere near a computer ever again. I am a frakking saint.

And I get to go to work again on Thursday night after work too!

On the plus side, I earned one entire dollar in tips today! Oh wait, that also sucks.


UPDATED: I spent all day wringing my hands and trying not to vomit from the fear that all those years of grooming notes and client records were lost, but around 4:30 my boss let me know that the computer people managed to fix the laptop and the data was NOT lost. PHWEW! My butt=covered. I offered again to pay for the repair but she said not to worry about it. I still feel guilty though and want to buy her something as a sort of apology. Any suggestions?


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One response to “UPDATED: I’m not even supposed to BE here today

  1. Leanne Moffat

    July 17, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    Hearts full of hugs sent your way. Poop. All I can say.


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