This post is not about Thanksgiving. Deal with it.

22 Nov

Last Friday was not the greatest day I’ve had at work. Here are some of the not-so-pleasant occurrences which lead to my sour mood at the end of the work day:

— It was busy (at least for me) which was compounded by the fact that I didn’t feel well & therefore wasn’t terribly productive.
— On my lunch break I tried to scour the internet for good deals on a rental car for an upcoming road trip (because we have one non-functioning minivan, one 5-speed 2-seater pickup that belongs to my parents, and an early 90’s Camry which leaks antifreeze, is partially held together with duct tape, and shimmies if you try to drive over 45 mph.) This effort was fruitless because the best rate I could find was still more than twice what we could afford.
— Near the end of my work day, Ian & I decided to use my tip money from the weekend to go see Cloud Atlas. After 30 minutes of failed attempts in between tasks at my job, and a further 20 minutes of unresponsiveness and vague errors on [unnamed movie ticket purchasing website .com], I finally gave up and went home, hoping that the opening of the new Teen Werewolf/Vampire Saga would ensure available tickets to our non-teen-pseudoromance film.
— When I got into my car I had some difficulting finding my keys, and under the cloud of frustration I shouted into my bag “I can hear you in there you little bitches, GET OUT!” At that moment I glanced up to see a lady walking past my car pause midstep and turn to look at me. Oops.
— I got about 50 feet out of my parking space when I realized I’d left my phone in the office, quickly backed into my parking spot again, and rushed to the door just before the auto-security locked the door for the evening. Ten seconds later and I would have been locked out. PHWEW.

From here, thankfully, the day improved. When I got home I tried again to purchase our tickets online and was instantly successful. We arrived at the theater, walked straight past all the TwiFans waiting in line to buy their tickets, and were admitted immediately. We got our popcorn and went directly to our theater where we were able to secure decent seats with a dozen other people who were also uninterested in the love lives of immortal teenagers.

I really enjoyed the movie. The attention to detail was impressive. It was beautifully filmed, with tremendous performances and even more amazing makeup. There were many times when we watched the credits at the end where we said “HE played THAT character? Wow.”

I had not read the book, so I knew nothing about the story and didn’t know what to expect. I have no idea whether the film does any justice to the book. However, I felt the stories were nicely tied together, and each story was intriguing enough on its own. Each one felt like a different film. There was a period mystery, a pre-war tragedy, a 1950s humorous escape movie, a 1970’s action film, a matrix-esque scifi thriller, and a post-apocalyptic adventure, but all were weaved together with common characters, music, and plot elements. I loved it.

Several of the action sequences made me think about tae kwon do and how much I miss it. I was thinking how I wish it was more feasible to work into my schedule. Ironically, as we turned to corner to the remote lot where we’d parked, I saw a van with the name of my old Tae Kwon Do instrucor’s school painted on the side. Then I realized it was parked right by ours. My Tae Kwon Do instructor had parked right next to us. And THEN when we got to our car I saw someone had been walking behind us. My old Tae Kwon Do master had driven his van to the theatre, parked next to us, and gone to a different movie which finished at the same time as ours. A most bizarre series of coincidences. We had a nice chat about the movies we saw, then parted ways.

I wonder if he knew who I was. I imagine he runs into old students all the time; he couldn’t possibly remember everyone. Either way, it was nice to see him. Maybe in a couple more years I’ll be able to go back.


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2 responses to “This post is not about Thanksgiving. Deal with it.

  1. Rachel

    December 4, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    I laughed my ass off at “I can hear you in there!” Because I have been there done that, uh, DAILY, but not with such an awesome “Crap, did someone hear me say that” moment.

    • karifur

      December 4, 2012 at 3:45 pm

      I call those my “sitcom moments”. I have rather a lot of those myself, though it’s usually my computer at the receiving end. 🙂


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