A Pinteresting experiment

10 Mar

My dad took my husband out of town to overdose on college basketball at the Summit League Basketball tournament, leaving me in charge of feeding myself and the children for almost a week. They do this every year. It’s almost like they WANT us to starve. Anyone who says women belong in a kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, has obviously never had to eat my cooking for a week.

Normally during this time we eat out rather more than usual. However, we are trying to eat out less, mostly to save money, but also in an effort to be more healthy. This resolve gave birth to a plan.

I joined Pinterest sometime last year, and since then I have made an art form out of pinning things and never looking at them again. I have a couple hundred delicious-looking recipes pinned to my food board, but have not even attempted to make any of them yet. The only thing that made sense was to plan this week’s menu from Pinterest. My plan also included using the weekend to prep most of the recipes so all I would have to do during the week is cook it.

It’s 7:30pm Sunday evening now. The results so far are not the greatest. I have made 4 recipes with mixed results but have prepped absolutely nothing for this week. I was apparently super tired last night because I slept until noon today. That’s right, noon. I slept through the entire morning, and therefore did not make the recipe I had planned for breakfast. Also, tonight’s dinner plans have been postponed to tomorrow because I forgot to thaw the bread dough I needed for the recipe. Two of the recipes (both desserts) were big hits. One tasted good but needs a little tweaking. The last was kind of a disaster and since I was the only one who liked it, I probably won’t make it again. Still, I plan to continue the experiment, which means I need to quit procrastinating and get my butt back in the kitchen.

Minus the bare feet and pregnancy obviously.

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