Big feet, short hair, and accidental wet t-shirt contests

11 Sep
Big feet, short hair, and accidental wet t-shirt contests

It’s been a while since I last subjected you all to my verbal diarrhea. You’re welcome, I guess? I’d like to say this is all because I don’t exactly have a smartphone anymore,* but it’s probably mostly just because I’m lazy and easily distracted. Today for your reading enjoyment, I will do my best to catch you up on the more entertaining events of the last few weeks.

A couple of weekends ago Ian and I had a sort of outdoorsy adventure day. In the morning I went on a trail ride (Ian preferred not to ride, so he hung around the ranch and talked to the owner’s husband). I was very excited about the ride, but also a little nervous because I hadn’t been riding in about 5 years. I didn’t need to be worried. It was SO much fun! Here is a picture of me and my new friend Blake:


After the trail ride we went to a work/birthday party with most of my coworkers from Job2 at the boss’s family’s lake cabin. I’m not usually someone who gets excited over going to the lake, but it was pretty awesome. We went on a paddleboat ride, along with approximately 75,000 spiders (ew), until my legs were so tired we had to turn around and go back.** Then we attempted to ride a jetski together. I went jetskiing with my friend Heather when I was in junior high and remembered it being really fun.*** It hadn’t occured to me that there would be things like jetskis and paddleboats at the lake, so I hadn’t brought a swimsuit (or any other appropriate lakewear for that matter). In order to get on the jetski, I had to wade a few feet out into the lake so I rolled my jeans up over my knees to keep them dry. That’s when I learned that it is much easier for teenaged girls to balance on a jetski together than for two adults of our size to do the same thing. It only took about 5 seconds for the jetski to tip over sideways, dumping us both into the water. AWESOME. Good thing I gad rolled up my jeans when I waded out into the lake, eh? After a couple more failed attempts at balancing, we decided to just go it solo; it was a much drier experience. I totally won the wet t-shirt contest though. Mostly by default, because  as the only person wearing a t-shirt, I was the only one who qualified, but whatever. A win is a win.

Shortly after the trip to the lake, I finally reached the end of my rope with my long hair. I had been growing it out since last summer with the intention of donating it to Locks of Love or another similar charity, and had been measuring it obsessively every day to see if it was finally long enough. It reached that point recently but I decided to wait until I had a couple of days off of work so I could get used to my short hair again before other people commented on it. When I sat down the stylist asked what I wanted, and I told her.

Stylist: Are you SURE you want to take that much off? That’s very short.
Me: YES. I am sure. Chop it.
Stylist: …Do you need a minute?
Me: No, I’m fine.
Stylist: REALLY? Because most women cry when I cut that much hair off.
Me: I’m not most women.

In other news, this week we had to take our daughter out shopping for new shoes, because her old ones were literally held together with duct tape after her feet exploded out of the sides of them. She was previously wearing size 9-1/2, so we thought maybe a 10 or 10-1/2 would do the trick. Hoo boy, were we wrong. Turns out Walmart only stocks women’s shoes up to size 11, and they were all too small for her, except for ONE pair which she described as “ALMOST not too small”, whatever that means. In order to find her shoes that fit, we had to move up to the MEN’S shoes. The shoes we eventually bought are a men’s size 11. As my daughter said herself, it’s a good thing she’s kind of a tomboy because there’s no way she is ever going to be wearing cute, girly shoes. At least not as long as I’m buying them, because I cannot afford to special order shoes for my teenager. If she doesn’t stop growing soon I might have to get a part-time job at a shoe store.

* Technically I still HAVE a smartphone but it only works on WiFi, which I don’t have at home.
** Actually my legs were tired pretty much right away, but Ian the cyclist was all “LET’S KEEP GOING FOREVER AND EVER!”, which made me feel like a complete wimp for wussing out only 20 feet from the dock. In my defense though, it was really windy that day.
*** Until we ran out of gas in the middle of the river, and had to swim back to shore dragging the jetski behind us while the current was pushing us downriver because we didn’t know about the reserve tank.


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2 responses to “Big feet, short hair, and accidental wet t-shirt contests

  1. Jenel

    September 11, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    Up to size 12 for relatively inexpensive (I have stupidly long feet … sadly mine are also narrow so many of these I can’t wear either). I love my Darcy boots from here though.

  2. Jenel

    September 11, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Oh and actually has a pretty good selection of larger women’s shoes (just don’t expect to find that selection in any store)


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