It’s hard to be offended when you put it that way

29 Nov

This morning my coworker noticed that the toilet in the bathroom near our office was plugged. What follows is the paraphrased conversation that ensued.

Mary (a coworker): Hey Deb, the toilet is clogged and I can’t get it cleared with the plunger. Would you call a plumber please?
Deb (other coworker): Kari, you’re probably good at that. Why don’t you give it a try?
Me: Umm.. Why would I be good at that, specifically?
Deb: Well, you’re good at everything else.
Me: Hard to argue with that logic.

As it turns out, I am good at plunging toilets because I did in fact manage to clear the clog. All those years of having children who don’t flush the toilet has finally paid off apparently.

Good times.


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