Well there’s something you don’t see every day…

05 May

I apologize for my silence of late; I have started several posts but currently lack the follow-through to actually finish any of them. No real reason, except that sometimes life just gets in the way.

In the meantime, spring cleanup week has arrived in Fargo so the piles of trash, treasure, and trashy treasure abound on boulevards all over the city. On my way home I saw something that actually made me do a TV-style double-take, followed by a U-turn, just so I could take this picture for you:


It really begs the question – did the homeowners put them out in this position deliberately to make people like me go “did I really just see what I saw?” Or did some random passerby like me stop here and rearrange the snowmen in this position to be funny?

The world may never know.

But as long as we have this picture, I think it’s important that we make the most of it. Come on folks, caption this picture. Best caption wins a gold star!

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