10 signs you might have waited a little too long to mow your lawn

25 Jun
10 signs you might have waited a little too long to mow your lawn

This weekend I flew out to Denver in order to accompany my good friend and her two kids on the 2-day car trip from Colorado back to her family’s lake cabin in Minnesota. That was an experience which deserves a write-up of its own, but will have to wait until another day. My absence, coupled with the fact that Ian worked the overnight shift at his part-time job every day I was gone, meant that the lawn did not get mowed for over a week and a half.*
If it were a bit later in the summer this may not have been a big deal, but this is prime growing season in ND, friends. Needless to say, the yard was more than a bit unruly when I returned home.

Yesterday morning it rained, and in the afternoon two of my friends brought their little ones over to play in my yard, so I didn’t get to the mowing until this evening when I got home from work. As the kids and I were mowing the lawn this evening I found myself composing a list of lawn-related observations from yesterday and today.

10 Signs you waited too long to mow your lawn

  1. You send your kid out to scoop the dog poop, and he gives up because he literally cannot see any poop in the yard at all, so you go out to help him find it, and you can’t see any either.
  2. Your dog bends down to sniff at something on the ground and you can no longer see his face.
  3. Your friend’s child accidentally drops a hot wheels car in the grass and it takes more than 15 minutes to find it.
  4. Your yard looks like a field of green wheat.
  5. When you finally get around to mowing, for every 12 steps forward, you must take one full step back, so the mower doesn’t get clogged with cut grass.
  6. You have to mow over every row twice to get all the stray grass you missed on the first pass.
  7. One of your mowers dies with a sputter and a cloud of smoke, which you at pretty sure is Mowerese for “This is totally not worth it. I quit!”
  8. You start to worry your other mowers might unionize.
  9. As you mow, you are continually surprised as birds you didn’t even know were there are flying out of the grass in front of you.
  10. Even with three people simultaneously mowing, and only one break for dinner, you still don’t finish the whole yard before sundown.**

* I had hoped maybe one or both of my teenagers might take it upon themselves to mow it while I was gone, but I wouldn’t have put any money on that happening.

** To be fair, our yard is ridiculously huge so it takes quite a while to mow on a regular day, which is part of the reason why we have 3 mowers in the first place.


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