Sorry Mom, I broke my promise

10 May
Sorry Mom, I broke my promise

This year my mom told me all she wanted for Mother’s Day was for me to not get her anything. Because I love my mom, I agreed. She’s in another city today, celebrating Mother’s Day with her own mom, which I think is awesome. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to mean mothers spend every minute with their kids, right? Mother’s Day should be about showing your mom you love her by letting her do what SHE wants for a change instead of what her kids want. That’s why I agreed not to get her anything for Mother’s Day.

But I lied a little bit.

Every few years, Mother’s Day is a little extra special, because it’s also my mom’s birthday. This is one of those years.

In honor of the *mumblemuble* anniversary of my mother’s debut on this earth, I made a little something – nothing major, just a list. Here it is.

Ten random things I love about my mom:*
(1) She likes nerdy movies and TV shows as much as I do.
(2) She loves to read, which I think must be a genetic trait because she passed it down to both me and my daughter.
(3) She is a great cook. My kids say so too.
(4) When we went to Orlando last year, she got to feed a giraffe, and she was as giddy as a schoolgirl. It was adorable.
(5) She never ever says “I Told You So”, even when it is totally called for.
(6) She supported me when I decided to go back to college in my late 20’s to get a vet tech degree, and continued to support me when I decided to give up that career path less than 2 years after I graduated.
(7) She has a great sense of humor. Evidence.
(8) She makes beautiful quilts and patchwork purses. I’m happy to say I have one of each.
(9) She is an excellent grandmother to both of my kids. She has perfected the balance between spoiling them and helping them learn to be better human beings.
(10) She never flung my cat across the room, even though she didn’t like cats, and he was always right in her face from the moment she sat down in our house. Seriously, how do cats always know?

So Mom, I know I promised not to get you anything, but I hope it’s ok if I give you this. I love you!

* It should go without saying, but obviously this is not a comprehensive list. The reasons I love my mom are uncountable. This is just a sampler, ok?

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One response to “Sorry Mom, I broke my promise

  1. mareserinitatis

    May 10, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    I’d also like to add that she ‘adopted’ all the friends you dragged home with you. 😀


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