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Signs it is time to clean out your desk

If you know me in real life, you probably know that I am a bit of a pack rat. If you know me REALLY well, then you probably also know that last sentence is a bit of an understatement. I like to collect things that make me happy when I see them, including but not limited to books, movies, and geeky objects. I also have a hard time throwing away useful things, because I worry that one day I will say “gosh, I could really use a thingamajig right now, but unfortunately I just threw it away last week when I was having a clear out.” Believe it or not, that has happened to me more than once, which only makes it that much harder to get rid of stuff.

For instance, I have this smallish plastic tote bin under my desk at work, which I use as a footstool. I have had it for years – I bought it when I was working at my first long-term office job back in 2004, specifically because I needed a footrest for my desk but I also needed a place to keep extra pens and stuff. Plus, it was on sale and cost less than any of the footstools in the store. I have brought this bin with me from one job to another over the years, and have never really sorted through the stuff that is in it, unless I need something.

And so it happened today, when I got to work and realized that my sweater had a HUGE hole in the elbow, I pulled the box out from under my desk, because I was almost certain that I had a sewing kit in there. Unfortunately, I did not have the sewing kit in it. I probably used it at my last job and put it into my desk drawer instead, which means it is most likely still in the box full of junk that I cleared out of my desk when I left that job last month. That’s an adventure I will have to tackle another day.

HOWEVER, I did find a plastic baggie containing an international calling card and assorted foreign currency from our trip to England & India in 2007.


And it's all at least 8 years old, so that makes it ANTIQUE money, and therefore more valuable, right?

Altogether, I have 2 pounds, 82 pence, 79 rupees, and 50 paise. So I guess I’m all set if I suddenly have to fly to England and/or India. Maybe when I get there, I can pay someone to fix my sweater.


Road trips with children are not for the faint of heart

Road trips with children are not for the faint of heart
Disclaimer: This is not my friend's baby. Or mine for that matter. Source:

Disclaimer: This is not my friend’s baby. Or mine for that matter.

So, remember in my last post several weeks ago, where I made a passing reference to a two-day road trip with my friend and her kids, and promised I would write about it later? Okay, so this is a bit later than I originally intended, but here it is.

Despite what I and many other people predicted for a road trip with two young kids, it was actually mostly uneventful. We left a little later than originally planned (as I expected), made a few extra restroom stops (as I expected), and had some difficulty locating gas stations where we could fill up my friend’s car which runs on diesel fuel (I admit this was unexpected because I didn’t actually know there were still cars that run on deisel fuel).

There was one minor incident where I falsely accused the toddler of having a poopy diaper, even though she insisted that she had not pooped. It turns out she was indeed telling the truth and her diaper was clean and then I felt like a complete a-hole. In my defense, we had just passed a cattle ranch or something because the smell of poo was powerful and ubiquitous. But that was not the most exciting thing that happened on the trip.

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10 signs you might have waited a little too long to mow your lawn

10 signs you might have waited a little too long to mow your lawn

This weekend I flew out to Denver in order to accompany my good friend and her two kids on the 2-day car trip from Colorado back to her family’s lake cabin in Minnesota. That was an experience which deserves a write-up of its own, but will have to wait until another day. My absence, coupled with the fact that Ian worked the overnight shift at his part-time job every day I was gone, meant that the lawn did not get mowed for over a week and a half.* Read the rest of this entry »


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Triathlon part deux

Hey, remember last year when I did that indoor triathlon at the Y? Well there was another one at the end of April, and as usual I let my husband convince me to participate. We were supposed to be at the Y at 6:45 for a pre-race orientation. Ian was working the night shift at his second job so he was going to meet me at the Y as soon as he was off work. I am NOT a morning person, so I set two alarms to make sure I wouldn’t oversleep.
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Kari’s rules of writing

This week my daughter told me that she might like to be a writer someday. Considering how last year we struggled to just get her to write a one-page essay for English class, I admit this came as a bit of a shock to me. I mean, I know that she likes drawing and writing but I didn’t  know that she’d want to do it as a career. Up until recently, I thought she wanted to be a veterinarian. However, it made me think about Being a Writer.
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Things that made me go “REALLY?”

We recently bought a carpet shampoo thingee. My husband and son both mocked me resoundingly for wanting to “waste” money on such a frivolous thing, but I countered that it is easy to dismiss a home carpet cleaner as unnecessary when you are not the one who has to clean cat vomit or explosive canine diarrhea out of the carpets while attempting not to add to the mess by vomiting into it yourself. 
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One small step for a man, one giant leap for me

One small step for a man, one giant leap for me

After dinner on Tuesday my teenagers asked to go to the library. And by “asked”, I mean repeatedly begged. And by “after dinner”, I mean starting the minute I got home from work and continuing every 15 minutes after that. Normally there’s no time for this kind of thing on a weeknight but thanks to the miracle of our crockpot a perfectly cooked roast was waiting for me when I got home from work and we were done eating by 6:30. Since we still had a couple of hours before I send the kids to bed,* I decided a visit to the library would be a nice way to spend the evening.

HOWEVER… Instead of accompanying them into the library, lounging around playing games on my phone and wasting time on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc as I usually do, I decided to do something I had not done in a while. I went to the gym with the intention of running on the treadmill.

I know. I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor and/or clean up the milk you just snorted out of your nose.

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