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Things our Butler does

Things our Butler does

Last month we adopted a 2-year-old Saint Bernard.


His name is Butler. He’s adorable and we love him like crazy, but sometimes he does silly things. Read the rest of this entry »


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Why you should not name your dog Toby

If you want to be kind to your dog and to every vet professional and/or groomer who will ever need to work with him, for the love of all things holy, do not name your dog Toby. Especially if he’s a Cocker Spaniel, Chihuahua, Maltese, or any other stereotypically difficult-to-groom dogs. Apologies if you happen to have any of these dogs. I’m not saying they’re all ill-behaved, and I’m sure yours is fabulous to work with and never tries to eat your vet’s face for dinner.
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How do you say “That’s not for eating” in Newfoundlandish?

It’s funny when you have 4 dogs in your house and the smallest one is a Newfoundland. Or maybe funny isn’t the right word. I think “insane” might actually be the word I’m looking for here. Two of the dogs in question are mine (a smallish Saint Bernard & a largish Bernese Mountain Dog) and the other two (both Newfoundlands) belong to some friends who are out of town for the weekend. The smaller Newf has stayed with us before, but the big one is a Foster dog so he’s new to our house.
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I Triple Dog Dare You

Raise your hand if you have seen “A Christmas Story”. I don’t remember when I first saw the movie, but I clearly remember watching it multiple times every holiday season.  In fact, I have probably seen it more often than the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and that’s saying something.  Many a classic quotation can be attributed to that movie.  For example, “You’ll shoot your eye out”, “I triple dog dare you”, and “I can’t put my arms down!”  Not a winter goes by that something doesn’t remind me of that movie.  This year, the most hilarious (and probably the most sympathy-inspiring) happened here at school just before Christmas. 

I was working in the cat rooms doing ward care when Kendra (the other girl doing Ward Care at the time) came to ask me for help with one of the dogs.  Lucky, it seems, appeared to have blood on his front legs, but she looked all over and could not find any wounds which would explain it.  She had noticed that he was licking his legs a lot, so she suspected there might be something in his mouth.  We put him up on an exam table and looked in his mouth, and saw the strangest reddish-pink spots on his tongue.  We didn’t know what it could be so we called Amy and Dr. Tom in to look at it, too.  The diagnosis?  Lucky appeared to have stuck his tongue to a fencepole while he was outside in the dog run.  I’m not kidding – we had a real doctor look at it, and this was truly what he suggested.  So this begs the question, of course – if dogs really want to convince someone to do something, do they say ” I triple human dare you”?

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