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Things that made me go “REALLY?”

We recently bought a carpet shampoo thingee. My husband and son both mocked me resoundingly for wanting to “waste” money on such a frivolous thing, but I countered that it is easy to dismiss a home carpet cleaner as unnecessary when you are not the one who has to clean cat vomit or explosive canine diarrhea out of the carpets while attempting not to add to the mess by vomiting into it yourself. 
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A comparison between my to-do list and the things I actually did

Recently I seem to have lots going on, but little to no motivation to write about. Sorry about that. Here are some things I should probably be doing:

  • Work with my fitness coach to get rid of my flabby grandma wings and prep for the 10K in the Fargo Marathon in May
  • Try to hold onto my creativity by writing funny critter stories and drawing cartoons on my other blog
  • Wash, sort, and put away the laundry
  • Make sure my kids are getting their chores done
  • Clean my house
  • Write on this blog more often

Here are the things I HAVE been doing instead:

  • Come up with excuses why I should not go work with my fitness coach
  • Look at my computer on the other side of the room and decide not to go get it. Play Draw Something instead.
  • Wash the laundry. Bring hampers of clean clothes to the living room and leave them there because someone just texted me. Ooo… I wonder if it’s my turn in Draw Something yet?
  • Forget my kids exist because I am busy playing Draw Something.
  • Instead of cleaning my house, draw a picture of a messy house in Draw Something. Realize I am probably addicted to Draw Something.*

I think you can probably see the pattern emerging here. Truth be told, playing Draw Something is not the ONLY thing I have been doing recently. Here are some things I accomplished recently:

  • Last Friday I did a 5K practice “run” with Ian around South Fargo. He mapped out the route and came along to keep me motivated. I am still working on my endurance intervals so I didn’t run the whole time, but tried to stick to a pattern of run a block, walk a block. It wasn’t too terrible actually. I suggested maybe next time we should do 6K; Ian said next time maybe I should run more and walk less.
  • Saturday I worked at the groomer. I brought both the dogs with me hoping to give them both baths, but only had time to finish Selby. She got a lovely spring haircut and a bandana with cute little bunnies and easter eggs on it. I had an extra strip of fabric after cutting Selby’s bandana so I made Emerson a little bowtie. Because bowties are cool.
  • Sunday I went to a Body Pump class with my Aunt Peggy. It was kind of confusing and really really hard, but actually pretty awesome. Mostly because Peggy was there too so when I felt like a complete moron because I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing and everyone else clearly did, I could look over at Peggy and see that she too was standing there in a daze wondering what the heck we were supposed to be doing. I have since resolved to take my Aunt Peggy to all of my group fitness classes in the future. I should probably discuss that with her first, but there’s no rush because who knows when I will be going to another group fitness class.
  • I cooked an excellent dinner almost every night for the last week, with little to no significant disasters for me to blog about. I KNOW, RIGHT? Outrageous. I still hate cooking, but at least I get to console myself after doing it by eating good food. Speaking of which, I am off to make some tandoori chicken for dinner tonight.

*If you want to play Draw Something with me, my username is karifur. It’s really hard to draw quality pictures with your fingertip on a 3-inch touchscreen phone, but I do what I can. And not to be too braggy-braggy, but I am exceptionally good at guessing. I have only passed once in all the games I have played since I downloaded this app on Sunday, and that was the first one I had ever played.

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